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Agile processes are at the heart of the software industry.
Change management eases the review of changes in your software.

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UI Change Management

Today's web applications are quickly evolving, thus making it hard to know whether new things are due to a new feature or a bug. Don't rely on your memory to validate changes in the system, instead ask RevoLance UI Monitoring Suite to tell you what has changed!

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OS Change Management

Today's applications generate a broad range of processes and files on the server. RevoLance OS Monitoring Suite will allow you to view file changes and memory consumption during test cases execution, thus reducing the toubleshooting time.

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Aggregated Changes Plugin

Jenkins is a one hell of powerful tool. It is at the heart of Agile processes for most of the development teams out there. Aggregated Changes Plugin consolidates all changes between two builds of your components!

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Revolance objectives and vision.

RevoLance intends to become the leader of Change Management systems

Being able to review changes that happened at any time is handy. Whether it is changes in the code, changes in the UI, changes during test execution or even changes between test executions. As you would receive notification on a stock market price change so that you review the context of the market and decide whether to sell or buy more, change management can be much more used in the Software Industry.

Systems produce a lot of data and instead of reviewing each time the complete set of data, just review the changes in their context to be more efficient!

Efficiency requires powerful tools.

We are watching out for new tools to improve the efficiency and the quality of our processes. Any new idea worth spending the time. Even if we don't put in production the new idea or tool this helps to maintain creativity!

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